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To enable individuals to develop and implement their own moral compass

A Message From Pathways to Right-of-Ways:

Striving for a better world:
We all know that life is full of uncertainty and no guarantees. Especially during a time of pandemic where we can see some thrive and some not in business and in life. There are also some whom put in work to change things only to come up short but sometimes with prayers and financial support we can make life easier for someone who’s put in the right work to change their life and the life of others. At Pathways to Right-of-Ways we strive to assist those in need as we move from “Hard work to Heart Work”
Supporting business by all means:
With Covid-19 on a rampage for more than a year now, we understand the there has been shifts within the job market and peoples personal lives!
At this time of crisis, Pathways to Right-of ways Inc. a non-profit organization identified by the IRS as tax-exempt (46-3696352), has expanded its Articles of Incorporation and aims to include education and support services to the individual/ small intellectual property entities who do not normally have accesses to resources such as larger entities, especially in these adverse times of a pandemic. This is our time to make a huge impact from such a small detail.
How you can help!
Being able to help another person is a blessing on its own, and through our organization, we are glad to present our FIRST FEATURED WORK:
Mr. Joe T. Nomura a senior citizen, retiree (caught within Covid-19) and the sole inventor of U.S patent #725462 which titles a Video-On-Demand system created out of a slogan, ‘Moments never missed, Memories are forever.’ This system operates like most video business models of today (Netflix, Hulu, Tivo etc…) but was filled in 2000 and responsible for uploading, storing, downloading and viewing any text or video content. You can watch your favorite movies or read text that comprises with all the technical processes in between delivered to the end-user device of choice. Mr. Nomura is a self-starter and created this technology on his journey as an independent contractor taking notes and testing. Today, Mr. Nomura’s patent is in expiration, but with your assistance, it can be reinstated and will allow him to fix past mistakes and begin to run his patent successfully.
For more information please click the video/link below

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