Heroism: Are we taught that if we try to do too much good, we’ll risk our lives?

Yes, it is true that whenever we do good, risk increases and not many good people have happy endings. Yes, life of Mahatma Gandhi or Lincoln may inculcate fear of doing good to some but the fear of what? Fear of death?Fear that death will be near?
But, my friend, death is inevitable and when is there not a risk of death? Death can always embrace us, maybe at the next moment, and life is nothing but a huge risk. After doing good, we make lot of good friends, but every action has equal and opposite reaction and so, we get to have enemies also. Then, we think that they can assassinate us anytime and we would be dead anytime but was the situation different before? How has risk increased if we understand that we could be dead before also, anytime and we could be dead after doing good also, anytime?
So, if death is at the end of the road irrespective of the path we take, then why can’t that path be a good one. A path that does good to society, a path that keeps our soul deeply satisfied and happy.
This simple theory was well known by Gandhi or Teresa or Lincoln.
Yes, there are less happy endings in movies or life of heroes but endings can never be happy as after all, it is an end so let’s make the journey happy, and just make others around us happy.
These heroic stories only inspire me to be ambitious of doing good to society and there is no place for fear.
I hope this answers your question. 🙂

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