Texas Pedestrian Safety License Plate Survey

A Questionnaire on Texas Pedestrian Safety Using a Custom License Plate

Pathways to Right-of-Ways aims to promote active living by connecting pedestrians with alternative transportation options that are designed to be safe, healthy, and enjoyable. That is why your feedback concerning our survey will help a lot. Our survey asks for people’s views and opinions about the way a personal license plate might improve things for pedestrians and drivers in Texas and what makes a safety-focused personal plate appealing. It takes less time to complete, so thanks in anticipation. We only use your personal information for the particular purpose for which it was collected (that is, in relation to this survey or to respond to information requests from you). Your personal information will not be shared with another party.

Promoting Pedestrian Safety in Texas with Custom License Plates

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    If you have any questions about this survey or our work please send us a message via our Contact page (https://www.pathwaypartners.org/contact/) or our email ([email protected]). Remember to hit submit before leaving.
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