Algebra and Minorities

According to Ryan Smith research, director of education at Oakland’s nonprofit organization “American Black and Latino community students are less likely to pass the 8th standard algebra exam as compared to other American students”.

He claimed “We have genius students in math and science subjects. All we need is to flourish the students.” This can increase the number of passing students in algebra.

According to the Civil Rights Data Collection Report

  • 17% of American Black students can be enrolled overall in the 8th standard algebra but only 11% take algebra.
  • Latino student can be enrolled overall 25% but only 18% take part in an algebra exam.
  • 65% minority student clear the algebra exam which is less as compared to white students have 85% passing ratio out of 100.

Most of the minority students who fail in 8th standard never complete the graduation requirement. That’s why graduation percentage in the US is low as compared to other countries. Today, San Diego University started the pathway program to help the minority students in passing mathematical subjects. They send 120 teachers to 15 different community schools who are experienced and specialized in math and science subjects. More than 4000 students get the benefit from this program annually.

Survey reports say, students who enrolled in pathway program get a higher grade and the attendance rate gradually increased. This is a great step to save the future of thousands of minority students.

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