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Misconception that scooters are safer than bikes? (ride, bike, motor)

What should consumers know about the road safety of electric skateboards, scooters, and bikes?

The rules are almost certainly different from place to place. Where I live, skateboards, hoverboards etc are legally rated as toys and are not tested from a road safety perspective. ”scooter” isn’t a clear definition. The stand-on would most likely qualify as toys too, while the ones looking like vespas

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How many people are getting hurt on electric scooters in Dallas? Hospitals may have the answers

Scary headlines trailed the rental scooters that zipped into Dallas this summer. One tumble over the trolley tracks in Uptown sent a woman to the hospital with two black eyes in July. Less than two months later, a man died after falling off a scooter in Old East Dallas. Meanwhile, emergency-room doctors in major U.S.

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