The heroic leader, the charismatic, goal-scoring superstar who doesn’t mind carrying the team on his back, is out. Enter the post-heroic leader, the quieter, engaging team player who brings every player into the decision-making process. In fact, today’s complex business environment requires a leader who combines the best of both styles. This author describes why….

The Problem of Heroism

When we think about heroism we tend to immediately think about the fanfare – noble knights raising their swords in the fight for freedom and justice, defeating evil sorcerers, Batman and Superman, courageous defenders fighting crime and saving the day, individuals performing extraordinary acts. What’s so wrong about that? Nothing – and everything. Much attention…

Heroism: Are we taught that if we try to do too much good, we’ll risk our lives?

Yes, it is true that whenever we do good, risk increases and not many good people have happy endings. Yes, life of Mahatma Gandhi or Lincoln may inculcate fear of doing good to some but the fear of what? Fear of death?Fear that death will be near? But, my friend, death is inevitable and when…

Why is heroism discouraged in the modern era?

The must-play city building game this year. Journey through historical ages and build an empire in this award-winning game. I think the definition changes overtime. But the swoop in and save the good guy from the bad guy is more difficult now simply because it’s actually really hard to determine who the “bad guy” is….