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County administrators play major role in serving residents , NACo report shows

WASHINGTON, D.C.  New research shows that many  county governments   turn to county administrators  to help deliver core services like health care, criminal justice, public infrastructure and economic development. More than four out of 10 county governments appoint county administrators to implement board  policies, prepare annual budgets and run daily operations

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Help for Crime Victims

What You Can Do if You Are a Victim of Crime (2010) OVC, Fact Sheet, OVC Fact Sheets, BC000790. This OVC brochure explains the rights of victims of crime and the compensation and assistance resources available to them. It also lists national organizations that help victims find information or obtain

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Options for Victims

Deciding What to do After a Crime If you are a victim of crime, you may have to cope with challenges you never expected to face. You may have been wounded or lost property you can’t afford to replace. You may be overwhelmed by fear or anger. And you may

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