Community Involvement In Pedestrian Safety

Community pedestrian safety drills conducted to educate people on how to overcome pedestrian crashes makes the district, cities, and towns save. In these drills, people will learn how to set pedestrian rules to save others while driving. Parents can play important role in learning pedestrian safety for their kids.

Pedestrian rules that people teach their children:

  • Never allow crossing the street for children under 10 years of age
  • Choose the straightway rather than street crossings.
  • Give them proper knowledge and guidance about traffic signals and signs.
  • Parents must hold their children hands in parking areas.
  • Look around while crossing the road and always walk on the crosswalk area.

Learn these quick tips and also teach others pedestrian safety. Some companies that played important pedestrian safety roles in communities are:

  • Fed Ex
  • Altru Health System

These two companies offer different drills publically to educate pedestrians for injuries and fatalities. Some famous drills are

AAA safety program:

Over the last three years, this drill has been conducted in various schools and teach children about traffic safety.

Walk to Win:

The purpose behind this is just to educate children and all about how to cross the road and safety measurements. These drills have been conducted for the last ten years.

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