Definitive Guide to Lime Electric Scooters [For Riders and Chargers]

When you need to zip around the city but not break a sweat – or your wallet – electric scooters are a fun and environmentally friendly option.

Many cities now have rentable scooters that help you get where you’re going without being burdened by traffic or crowded public transportation.

Lime-S, along with Bird, is leading the charge in the electric scooter market.

Still, there are some obstacles to having them in every city. Some have banned them due to pedestrian fears of being run over on the sidewalk or hesitation by businesses that want to keep the sidewalks clear of dockless scooters awaiting pickup from the scooter rental companies.

Before you hop on this trend and ride away, learn more about what electric scooters are, how to charge them, safely ride them, and how to use them with consideration for pedestrians, businesses, and the law.


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