Misconception that scooters are safer than bikes? (ride, bike, motor)

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that many people seem to think scooters are safer than bikes.

I can see how to someone who doesn’t ride a scooter may seem less intimidating, weighs less, smaller, automatic vs manual, less power, etc.

I noticed some comments on this board kind of eluding to it being safer. Also ran into a guy when I was riding yesterday who was riding a scooter. He said his wife wouldn’t let him get a bike so scooter was the next best thing. I guess she thought a bike was too dangerous but a scooter would be okay. I told him scooter is more dangerous.

Even the biggest scooters tires are nothing compared to even a small motorcycle. A bike if you hit a pothole or crack in the road as long as you got you hands on the bars your probably gonna be okay, on a scooter a pothole will eat your whole wheel.

As for things in the road a bike could probaly roll over a 2×4 or tire, scooter your on the ground. Also scooter is lower so your less visible and if you need to get out of dangers way you have less power and pickup to do so.

I think scooter is much more dangerous but there seems to be a misconception they are safer. Just curious your thoughts.

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