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Putt for pedestrians

About Putt for Pedestrians:

“Our Mission is to aspire to help pedestrians reach their destinations safely while drawing visual, mental and physical inspiration from the sport of GOLF” 

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) Formula:

“Our first step to reducing fatality/injury rates among pedestrians is to adapt the MVP (Most Valuable Player) formula”



“While great golf shots are not made by blaming course conditions a pedestrian exhibiting an unfavorable attitude toward road conditions and rules could annoy drivers and possibly cause themselves fatality/injury.”



“Eyeing slopes, hazards and distances require the same visual fortitude as golfers and pedestrians alike.”



“Success positioning of our hands, feet, shoulder, head, and knees in golf echo our success as pedestrians.”

Let’s come together at your local golf course or mini golf to Help Save Lives!!!

Your Donation will allow us to pursue our fundraising mission and vision at local venues near you!


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