RE: Opposition to Assembly Bill 2989 (Flora): Standup Electric Scooters

Dear Assemblymember Flora:
On behalf of the City of Long Beach, I write to respectfully offer our opposition to Senate Bill 2989 (Flora). This bill proposes to allow two-wheeled stand up scooters that reach levels up to 20 miles per hour to lawfully ride on sidewalks by exempting them from the definition of motorized scooters. The City supports alternative transportation modes and is currently working to launch a pilot program in July of this year to allow motorized scooters in Long Beach. However, allowing motorized scooters on sidewalks presents a hazard to pedestrian safety and the use of these would best belong on street roads.
The City of Long Beach makes efforts to make local mobility efforts accessible and a part of everyday life for all residents. While bikeability and walkability have been the most popular, our pilot program acknowledges another form of mobility. This program will allow vendors to begin offering motorized scooters as a form of quick and easy transportation through our bike paths.
In March 2018, Long Beach celebrated the grand opening of the Red Car Greenbelt, the City’s newest park space that will enhance Long Beach’s walkability and bikeability with a newly paved path that adds routes to walkers and links to the Colorado Lagoon and bike path on 6th Street Bike Boulevard. While the average bicycle reaches 12 miles per hour, a motorized scooter at 20 miles per hour should belong on the same path as a bicycle and not with pedestrians. AB 2989 presents a risk of harm to pedestrians such as young children, seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone who may encounter a stand-up scooter operating on our sidewalks. The City wishes to respond to local mobility needs while observing best practices to minimize any threat of harm to its residents.
Given these reasons, the City of Long Beach respectfully opposes AB 2989 (Flora).
Patrick H. West CITY MANAGER
cc: The Honorable Speaker Anthony Rendon, State Assembly The Honorable Ricardo Lara, State Senate, 33rd District The Honorable Janet Nguyen, State Senate, 34th District · The Honorable Mike Gipson, State Assembly, 64th District The Honorable Patrick O’Donnell, State Assembly, 70th District

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