Respect The Ride: Continuing Lime’s Commitment To Rider Safety And Education

Our approach to education and responsible riding has been instrumental in facilitating more than 17 million bike and scooter trips in over 125 markets around the world.

As micro mobility continues to flourish, we’re renewing our commitment to keeping streets and sidewalks safe and accessible to the entire community. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Respect The Ride.

As part of our continued commitment to public safety and education, Lime is investing over $3 million to help empower people across the world to ride responsibly.

The Respect The Ride campaign utilizes a multi-pronged approach to rider education, equipping our community with the resources necessary to make each smart mobility trip a safe and enjoyable experience.

Respect the Ride Pledge & Helmet Distribution

Through our Respect the Ride pledge, we will ask riders to join us in committing to safe riding practices, including  abiding by local traffic laws and parking properly. The first 25,000 riders to sign the pledge will receive free Lime helmets in the mail for showing their support. Over the next six months, we will be distributing a total of over 250,000 free helmets to riders across the globe.

Local Awareness & Proactive Education

Starting today, Lime will be running a multi-channel local advertising campaign in conjunction with Respect The Ride. This will include digital and outdoor advertisements reminding riders to wear helmets, abide by local laws, park responsibly and stay aware of their surroundings when riding.

Safety Brand Ambassador Program

Launched earlier this month, Lime’s on-the-ground safety ambassadors are dedicated to educating local communities about scooter safety. This includes safety fairs with responsible riding education, scooter lessons, group rides and more.

Dedicated Trust, Education and Safety Team

Lime is adding to an already robust Trust and Safety team dedicated to promoting responsible riding behavior and addressing safety concerns. Most immediately, we are bringing on a new Head of Trust and Safety to oversee our company’s commitment to the communities we serve.

Education and Safety Summit

As cities and communities around the world are working to adapt to new modes of micro transit, Lime plans to host a summit focused on shared bike and scooter safety that will include key stakeholders and officials to discuss topics such as safety, transportation and policy engagement.

Product Enhancements and New Safety Features

Lime is dedicated to constantly developing our products to include features that provide the safest ride available on the market.

  • Our Fleet

    The new Lime-S Gen. 3 features bigger wheels, improved suspension, aluminum framing, dual-wheel braking, a 2.8” digital display and a host of other features that make it the safest, most sustainable shared scooter available.

    Using state of the art sensor technology, we’re also developing virtual parking zones and features that will allow us to alert riders when they are riding on the sidewalk or improperly parked.

  • In App

    Lime partners directly with cities to design tailored micro mobility solutions. In many cases this means implementing in-app geofencing to help curb improper parking. It’s also why we developed our “parked or not” feature to help riders identify poorly parked bikes and scooters.

    We’re working to add even more new and exciting features to our app to encourage responsible riding, including ID scanning, prompted safety tutorials and regular reminders with tips best practices.

  • Operations

    Lime runs daily diagnostics on our scooters, bikes and e-bikes to ensure the health of our fleet. We proactively take our scooters off the streets for maintenance and inspection. Vehicles that don’t meet our standards are quickly removed by our trained mechanics for repair.

As cities and communities adapt to new modes of transportation, rider safety and education will remain our top priority. This includes the need to make our streets safer for all micro mobility users.

Lime is committed to partnering with policymakers around the world to better support micro-mobility on our roadways. We will continue to work diligently to encourage the construction of more protected bike lanes and infrastructure designed to accommodate and safeguard these new transit options.

At Lime, we believe it’s our responsibility to partner with cities, riders and residents to make sure everyone gets from point A to point B safely.

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