The 2023 iOS App Developer RoadMap

When you know C and how to work with a compiler (something you’ll learn in that basic C course), the rest should be easy. From there, you can hop right on to Objective-C and learn how to program with that alongside the Cocoa frameworks. The flowchart shown in Figure 1 shows you key titles offered by Pearson Education that can help provide the training you need to become a skilled iOS developer. I suggest doing a more extensive research and see what comes out. You can pick big companies like Facebook and filter the people that work there as iOS developers.

iOS developer roadmap

First, what you cannot do is rush through several courses at the same time. Steve Troughton-Smith is well known for his earlier work poking around in iOS, but really you should follow him for the fantastic range of links he shares to impressive work. I personally like the way he shares the development progress on his own apps, so you can see them grow from start to finish. If you prefer to learn using apps, there are two I would recommend, both completely free.

First things first, you need to be able to build user interfaces. As more apps are made in Swift, Objective-C won’t be used as much, but it’s still useful to learn it. Like Swift, this language is also object-oriented but Swift developer job was ultimately replaced by Swift as the main programming language. Unlike other branches of development which have a wider range of tools to choose from, iOS development is pretty specific as it requires a Macintosh .

iOS developer roadmap

Rx-Swift is a reactive programming library in iOS app development. It is a multi-platform standard, its difficult-to-handle asynchronous code in Swift, that becomes much easier in Rx-Swift. RxSwift makes it easy to develop dynamic applications that respond to changes in data and respond to user events. Ultimately, it solves the issues related to asynchronous development. Along the way, I have also shared relevant resources like best iOS app development courses, which you can use to learn essential skills for iOS development.

Latest iOS Developer Job Opportunities & salaries In 2023

Thanks to high demand, salaries for iOS Developers are quite competitive, even compared with other careers within the tech industry. SlideOverCard- A SwiftUI card view, made great for setup interactions. Swift-focuser- Focus text field in SwiftUI dynamically and progress through form using iOS keyboard. Camera- Modern camera app focused on privacy and security with QR & barcode scanning.

  • Storyboards are a visual tool to design and organize such navigation flows.
  • Also, the same logic can be used on multiple different views and vice versa – you can have the same view and multiple different models / controllers depending on the scenario.
  • IPhone and iPad devices are resource-constrained on memory.
  • It would give you exposure to what you’re about to build in this space and what it should look like.
  • Many companies have customers that are slow to update their devices.
  • GCD or Grand Central dispatch allows you to add concurrency to the apps.

She became well-known in the iOS development world by blogging about everything she learned in Swift. While it’s important to know what to do to become an iOS developer, it is as essential to understanding what you are not required to do. In any case, don’t forget that Objective-C was the language of choice for Apple platforms for decades. You might still have to learn it at some point to work on long-standing projects. I recommend getting it on the App Store since you won’t need to create an Apple account (at some point though you’ll need it anyway). You also get automatic updates for Xcode from the App Store as you do other apps on your Mac.

Focus on the fundamentals you need to build any iOS app

Due to this growth, the experienced, as well as newbies to programming, are entering the iOS application development field. L learn how to design a relational database without knowing the SQL languageor any programming skills to develop one. You will discover many things such as the data modeling process, database design, identifying entities for the tables & attributes, and more. But if you’re still unsure about something or you are looking for more learning resources, there’s plenty of them online – books, online articles, podcasts and videos. Through this article I’ve unpacked the basics of iOS development you need for building iOS apps. With version control software you don’t need to worry.

iOS developer roadmap

If you like this iOS app development roadmap then please spread the word and share with your friends on social media. However, in case you already have some development experience, you might prefer building UI programmatically or even building some views in .xib so that you can reuse them throughout your app. At this point, everything you’ve built is probably in a single view controller, so it’s time to learn some design patterns. Developer Roadmap – Community driven roadmaps, articles and resources for developers . Architecture is important also in iOS apps, especially in larger ones, so it’s definitely a skill you need to have. I have both seen companies with a single, large team, or with smaller teams, but the result is usually the same.

“He realizes what’s difficult and explains it at a level that matches where you’re at”

Interactive skill reviews to test your knowledge of core topics. Donny Wals writes a Swift blog, as well as more recently writing books on Combine and Core Data, but on Twitter he also encourages folks to share what they are working on. Even just reading that thread every week will get you stoked with things to try, so you should definitely follow Donny.

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But while technology moves fast, the foundations of software development always stay the same. Once you are familiar with them, you can jump to any new technology you like. Let’s clear something that seems to worry many people that want to become iOS developers.

FAQs – iOS App Developer Roadmap 2023

I can judge those questions because I have been in iOS development for 13 years, and 21 in software development. If you are reading this article, you don’t have that experience. But building an app good enough to be released takes a lot of time.

iOS developer roadmap

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