What is the most dangerous thing an average person does on a daily basis?

Hello Monica, I would say crossing the street is the most dangerous thing. Consider these:

Accident Rates at Signalized Intersections – ScienceDirect.com


by E Shesterov – ‎2017

Signalized intersections remain among the most common elements of street and road networks and types of traffic control. This is due to the fact that traffic … (75 annual values of accidents) show an increase in the level of accidents at signalized intersections by several times in comparison with the figures observed in the …

Crosswalk Safety: A Look at Injury and Fatality Statistics | Traffic …


Many choose to jaywalk and avoid using designated crosswalks, while others use the crosswalk incorrectly or fail to comply by the provided traffic signals. That’s why it’s … That same year, another 1,451 pedestrians were killed on roads where there was a crosswalk, but it was not being used or utilized correctly. • More than …

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase 11 Percent In A Year : NPR


Mar 30, 2017 – The number of pedestrians killed in traffic jumped 11 percent in 2016, the highest year-over-year increase — in terms of percentage and total number of fatalities — since … Distraction, On Street And Sidewalk, Helps Cause Record Pedestrian Deaths …. [so] don’t walk home at night when you’re hammered.

4500 Americans are Killed Crossing the Street Each Year Read More…

4500 Americans are Killed Crossing the Street Each Year

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